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Hey there!

I'm Elizabeth Meckler. NYC-based actor, singer, dancer, & writer.

Originally from the vibrant city of Saint Petersburg, Florida, I fell in love with the arts at a young age, thanks to being a part of a lively, artistic community. I graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and hold my BFA in Musical Theatre. I currently live in NYC!

As an artist I strive to be a strong collaborator and team player, working to share different voices and perspectives through the power of story. I believe a  different worldview has the ability to incite change, or even make individuals in a crowded audience feel represented, heard, and reminded that they are not alone.

Currently Showing:

OZ: A New Musical at freeFall Theatre

"As Dorothy, Elizabeth Meckler is full of heart. “A Place Called Oz,” is a true finale moment, and show-stopping in every way. Her portrayal of such an iconic character is lifted to new heights here... She has a spark of innocence about her and her stage presence shines through in every moment, and beautiful vocals to match, makes this a knockout portrayal."
Read the full review here!

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